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3 May 2017 Exam revision students should smell Rosemary for memory Rosemary memory 
20 September 2016 Could turmeric really boost your health? Turmeric depression, asthma and eczema, and cancer 
22 June 2016 Ginger and acupressure 'options for morning sickness' Ginger Morning sickness 
28 January 2016 eating your 5 a day may help weight loss Flavonoid rich fruits and vegetables tackling obesity 
22 December 2015 Stevia may help in the fight against Lyme disease Stevia Lyme disease 
6 October 2015 Nobel prize for herbal medicine? Artemisia spp malaria cure 
14 July 2015 The plant that can kill and cure Solanaceae family A "long read" from Harry Potter to looking at general health benefits and new medicinal research 
14 July 2015 What does rosemary do to your brain? Rosemary v Lavender Memory 
30 March 2015 1,000-year-old onion and garlic eye remedy kills MRSA Onion and garlic anti-bacterial 
26 September 2014 Brain repair 'may be boosted by curry spice'  Turmeric Nerve cell growth 
27 August 2014 Tomatoes 'important in prostate cancer prevention' Tomatoes Prostate Cancer 
13 August 2014 Kew's green medicine Various  
10 July 2014 small doses of rosemary aid elderly memory Rosemary Improve cognitive function in the elderly 
2 April 2014 Seven-a-day: Guide to reaching the target Fruit and veg Healthier life 
31 March 2014 Earl Grey: tea that's a tonic for body and soul Bergamot Tonic 
4 February 2014 rosemary improves memory rosemary sniffing rosemary improves memory 
3 October 2013 garlic better than atenolol for hypertension garlic high blood pressure 
28 September 2013 Broccoli slows arthritis, researchers think Broccoli Slows arthritis 
16 July 2013 butterbur (petasites) licensed in USA for migraine Butterbur (as extract) migraine  
20 June 2013 more in depth paper on turmeric and alzheimers turmeric dementia 
9 May 2013 adverse effects of gluten on the brain in sensitive individuals not a herb but wheat constituent gluten disbenefit to brain 
16 April 2013 Beetroot 'can lower blood pressure' Beetroot Blood pressure 
13 April 2013 Marjoram showing potential in breast cancer treatment marjoram breast cancer treatment 
3 April 2013 eating walnuts helps avoid diabetes walnuts diabetes prevention 
2 April 2013 eating apples may help prevent bowel cancer apples bowel cancer prevention 
19 March 2013 dandelion root may be helpful for cancer dandelion cancer treatment 
7 January 2013 sacred frankincense stopping cancer Sacred Frankincense - Boswellia sacra Breast cancer reduction 
26 December 2012 Are spices good for your health? Spices  
4 December 2012 Turmeric extract in the prevention of Type II diabetes Turmeric Diabetes prevention 
10 October 2012 Randomised controlled trial on safety and efficcacy of Echinacea Echinacea purpurea colds, flu, virus 
9 October 2012 Tomatoes are 'stroke preventers' Tomatoes Stroke 
28 September 2012 Eating cherries 'could cut gout' Cherries Gout 
10 July 2012 cranberry juice for urine infections canberry recurrent urine infections 
16 May 2012 Sugar destroys good brain function Avoid sugar to enhance memory and thinking 
24 April 2012 Trials of dandelion for cancer treatment dandelion blood cancer - leukaemia 
30 March 2012 Thyme as acne treatment Thyme (also marigold, myrrh) topical treatment for acne 
26 March 2012 vitamin D for arthritis Vitamin D helps bone strength, arthritis and many other inflammatory problems 
26 March 2012 Vit D, turmeric & pepper for Alzheimers Turmeric, Vit D, black pepper clear Amyloid plaques in Alzheimers dementia 
7 March 2012 Component of turmeric helps prevent myeloma Turmeric Myeloma prevention 
21 February 2012 Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat Wheat Why to avoid it 
16 January 2012 Yerba Mate consumption is associated with higher bone mineral density in postmenopausal women Yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) improve bone density 
29 December 2011 Alzheimer's: Diet 'can stop brain shrinking'   
24 December 2011 Pineapple Enzyme Kills Cancer Without Killing You Pineapple Cancer 
7 December 2011 Spices Stops Blood Clots Better Than Drugs Spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, capsicum etc clot busters/preventers 
28 November 2011 http://flyagarictincture.blogspot.com/ fly agaric mushroom a one man trial to help with Lyme disease symptoms 
1 October 2011 Copper fittings help stop MRSA, scientists say Copper MRSA 
26 July 2011 evidence of organ damage using GM Maize steer very well clear of GM crops 
26 July 2011 more on the GM maize damaging health Maize Use only organic from known sources 
21 July 2011 Natural remedies in Nature aromatherapy and wild herbs immune health and parasites 
24 June 2011 radical type 2 diabetes cure? dietary only diabetes 
24 June 2011 Scotsman article legislative changes  
16 June 2011 Olive oil 'helps prevent stroke' Olive oil Stroke prevention 
12 May 2011 eco weddings with herbal twist gorse and others  
10 May 2011 natural hair tonics chamomile and rosemary (and dock) short video by MNIMH 
8 May 2011 why taking herbs for pain may be better for long term health than paracetamol various danger of paracetamol 
28 April 2011 Plants found in ancient pills offer medicinal insight   
15 April 2011 spring detox nettle short video by MNIMH 
31 March 2011 http://www.drmyhill.co.uk/  Useful info from genuine doctor 
10 February 2011 Spice drug fights stroke damage Turmeric Stroke 
30 December 2010 New Year guide to healthy eating Dandelion  
17 November 2010 Garlic 'remedy for hypertension' Garlic High blood pressure 
10 May 2010 Chef wants dandelions back on the menu Dandelion Healthy eating 
24 March 2010 Essential oils destroy MRSA, Brighton scientists say Thyme MRSA 
6 November 2009 Suffolk's wildflower drugs larder    
28 October 2009 Curry spice 'kills cancer cells' Turmeric Cancer 
9 July 2009 Staying healthy this summer   
3 June 2009 Weekly curry 'may fight dementia'  Turmeric Alzheimer's 
14 November 2008 'Old treatments' better for IBS Peppermint Irritable bowel syndrome 
15 September 2008 Chamomile tea 'may ease diabetes' Chamomile Diabetes (Type 2) 
19 January 2008 Medicinal plants 'facing threat'   
15 October 2007 Why garlic is good for the heart  Garlic Heart 
25 June 2007 Echinacea 'can prevent a cold' Echinacea Colds 
24 March 2006 Midwives offer alternative relief  Aromatherapy Birth pain relief 
24 December 2005 High-veg diet 'wards off cancer'  Onions, garlic, beans, carrots, corn, dark leafy vegetables and citrus fruits Cancer 
18 January 2005 Camomile tea for aches and ills Chamomile Pain 
31 December 2003 Garlic could provide cancer drug Garlic Cancer 
7 November 2002 Garlic may repel prostate cancer Garlic Prostate cancer 
14 November 2001 Garlic 'fights malaria' Garlic Malaria 
3 October 2001 Garlic 'prevents common cold' Garlic Colds 
19 August 2001 Herbal 'heartburn' treatment Artemesia Acid reflux 
1 March 2001 Garlic tackles child infections Garlic Childhood infections 
22 September 1999 Onions 'prevent brittle bones'  Onion Osteoporosis 
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